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WSY FSY Series Glass Reinforced Plastic Underwater Pump
  • WSY FSY Series Glass Reinforced Plastic Underwater Pump

WSY FSY Series Glass Reinforced Plastic Underwater Pump

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China WSY FSY Series Glass Reinforced Plastic Underwater Pump:

This pump is widely used in chemical, petrochemical, refining, dyestuff, pesticide, pharmaceutical, rare earth, fertilizer and other industries, carry on the tank is not containing suspended solid particles, not easily crystallized, temperature is not higher than 100 ℃ of all kinds of oxidizing acid corrosive medium, such as the most ideal equipment.

Main Technical Data

Model Capacity
Rev speed
Motor power
25WSY-22 6.48 15 2900 2.2
25WSY-30 9 15 2900 3
40WSY-25 13.32 15 2900 4
40WSY-22 20 15 2900 3
40WSY-18 21.6 12 2900 2.2
40WSY-50 14.4 35 2900 7.5
40FSY-35 30 24 2900 4
50FSY-35A 55 28 2900 7.5
50FSY-20 45 22 2900 5.5
80FSY-25 35 12 2900 4
80FSY-35A 110 25 2900 15

Packing and Delivery:

1. Standard Export Packing or Seaworthy Packing, if you have special requirement, please specify when inquiry.
2. Fast Delivery, delivery time can negotiate when order.

How to Order?

1. Please inform us the model, type or size you need.
2. Please inform us the quantity to make the best price for you.
3. Shipment Model: Air or Sea shipment.
4. Special requirement if any.

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