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Yacht Fender:
Yacht Fender


It is use for protect yacht or small ship against damage.

Good raw material.

long usage life.

Easy installation and large energy.

Size Chart:

Style A Thickness Buoyancy Qty/Carton
Dia * H * Hole
A25 25*31*2.2 3.8mm 8kg 10pcs/65*45*50cm
A29 29*37*2.7 3.8mm 12kg 10pcs/70*45*60cm
A38 38*48*3.7 3.8mm 20kg 6pcs/70*45*60cm
A40 40*55*3.7 3.8mm 25kg 6pcs/70*45*60cm
A45 45*60*3.7 3.8mm 30kg 5pcs/70*45*60cm
A48 48*68*3.7 3.8mm 35kg 4pcs/70*45*60cm
A55 55*73*3.7 3.8mm 50kg 4pcs/70*45*60cm
A65 65*85*3.7 3.8mm 70kg 4pcs/70*45*60cm
A75 75*90*3.7 3.8mm 100kg 4pcs/70*45*60cm
A95 95*110*3.7 3.8mm 150kg 3pcs/70*45*60cm
A100 100*112*3.7 3.8mm 200kg 3pcs/70*45*60cm
Style F Thickness Buoyancy Qty/Carton
L * Dia * Hole
F4015 40*15*2 3.8mm 5kg 20pcs/40*40*32cm
F4211 42*11*1.2 3.8mm 5kg 20pcs/42*40*29cm
F5114 51*14*1.4 3.8mm 10kg 10pcs/46*50*21cm
F6216 62*16*2.2 3.8mm 15kg 10pcs/60*43*29cm
F6222 62*22*1.8 3.8mm 20kg 10pcs/60*43*29cm
F7220 72*20*2.6 3.8mm 35kg 10pcs/70*51*29cm
FF7628 76*28*2 3.8mm 45kg 8pcs/70*51*29cm
F9530 95*30*2.7 (reinforced) 3.8mm 100kg 4pcs/60*49*50cm
F9835 98*35*2.7 (reinforced) 3.8mm 120kg 4pcs/60*49*50cm
F9840 98*40*2.7 (reinforced) 3.8mm 150kg 4pcs/60*49*50cm
F10020 100*20*3 3.8mm 50kg 6pcs/70*51*29cm
F10222 102*22*3 3.8mm 55kg 6pcs/70*51*29cm
F10424 104*24*3 3.8mm 60kg 6pcs/70*51*29cm

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