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Y-I Model Marine Foam Lifejacket
  • Y-I Model Marine Foam Lifejacket

Y-I Model Marine Foam Lifejacket

  • Category:Lifejacket
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  • Quality Guarantee:12 Months unless specified otherwise
  • Place of Origin:China
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China Y-I Model Marine Foam Lifejacket:


1.It can be used in either a fresh or saltwater environment

2.certificate: CCS / EC

3.Material:Cover: PU and Polyester compound inside: EPE foam

4.good quality and competitive price. Safety buckle connected with the body to ensure your safety

5.high quality waterproof materials keep your warm

6.SOLAS reflective tapes are for max visibility

7.OEM with your logo on the life vest

8.comply with Requirements of 1996 Amendments to SOLAS 1974 and LSA Code and Resolution MSC.81(70)

Application Field:

1.Protection for seaman working at vessel at International navigation

2.Guard for ship at river, lake navigation

3.It’s equipped for Rescue personnel at sea shore, water tourist projects

Name Marine foam life jacket Y-I type
Dimensions 480*280*560
Weight <1.25KG
Buoyancy >190N
Purpose This products are used in life saving for seaman and passengers on board vessels sailing on the sea,coast and river

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