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Model W Single Stage Vortex Pump
Marine Vortex Pump
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Model W Single Stage Vortex Pump:
China Model W Single Stage Vortex Pump:

The type W single stage vortex pump has earned wide recognition and acceptance as a qualified pumping equipment. Simplicity in design, compactness in construction,light weight,steadiness in performance,durablity,reliability and convenience in operation.
The pump is suitable for handing clean water of a temperature below 85℃ or any other liquid which is of physical and chemical properties similar to those of water. Being commonly used as a boiler feed pump for small boilers,the mono type electric motor driven pump finds wide applications in various industries such as shipbuilding,light and textile,chemical,metalluragical and machinery building industries. According to customer's requirements,an A.C.motor of 380V,50HZ or 440V,60HZ, a single-phase motor of 220V,or a D.C motor can be used to form a complete set with it.

Construction of pump

Main Technical Data

380V 50HZ
Model Flow rate
H (m)
Rev speed
Motor power
3/4W0.7-1.05 0.7 105 2900 2.2
1W2.5-1.05 2.5 105 2900 3
1W/WZ-0.9 1.0/1.8/2.5 37/25.5/15 1450 1.1
1.5W/WZ-1.3 3.0/4.5/6.0 58/39/23 1450 3
2W/WZ-1.6 6.0/8.0/10.0 54/40/26 1450 4
2.5W/WZ-1.8 11/14/17 60/44/30 1450 7.5
3W/WZ-2.7 20/28/35 90/62/40 1450 22
440V 60HZ
Model Flow rate
H (m)
Rev speed
Motor power
3/4W0.7-1.05 0.9 120 3450 3
1W2.5-1.05 3 120 3450 4
1W/WZ-0.9 1.2/2.16/3 52/36/21.6 1740 1.5
1.5W/WZ-1.3 3.6/5.7/7.2 82/56/32 1740 5.5
2W/WZ-1.6 7.2/9.6/12 76/57/37 1740 7.5
2.5W/WZ-1.8 13.2/16.8/20.4 84/62/42 1740 11
3W/WZ-2.7 24/33.6/42 126/87/56 1740 37
Also have bigger pumps, pls contact us for more information.

Model W Single Stage Vortex Pump performance

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