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WCMBR-40 Marine Sewage Treatment Plant
  • WCMBR-40 Marine Sewage Treatment Plant

WCMBR-40 Marine Sewage Treatment Plant

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WCMBR-40 Marine Sewage Treatment Plant Model instruction:


This device is one of our company very mature product, it is widely used in the international ocean shipping, offshore oil drilling platform, can also be used to shore in related fields. So far, has been exported to the United States, South Korea, Europe, southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions, favored by customers, simple operation, convenient maintenance, long service life. In China it have absolute advantage.

The method of combining catalytic oxidation and physical disinfestations and sterilization is adopted in the WCMBR series domestic sewage treatment device; it treats the domestic sewage of kitchens, W.C, and base room from ship. Since filler is set in the aeration chamber, the chlorine adding sterilization is adopted, so compare with the products of the same kind, it has the characteristics of small cubage, light weight, compact structure and without secondary pollution. The discharged water after the treatment of the device has reached the effluent standard stipulated internationally, and it accords with the requirement of Resolution MEPC.159(55) of International Marine Organization Environmental Protection Commission, and International waste fluid effluent standard.

Technical Data:

Model WCMBR-40
Suitable Number of People 40
Treatment load t/d 3.08
Organic load kg/d 1.54
Installation Dimentions
L*W*H mm
Drain standard BOD5≤25mg/l, COD≤125mg/l,TSS≤mg/l, Coli group≤100pcs/100ml
Ulitrafilter Advanced anti-soil ultrafiltration membrance
Back flushingwater pressure 0.1-0.25Mpa
Power supply 3Phase/AC380V/50HZ or 3Phase/AC440V/600HZ
220V/50HZ or 3Phase AC415V/50HZ
Control mode Automatic/Manual

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