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WCB Series Marine Sewage Treatment Plant
  • WCB Series Marine Sewage Treatment Plant

WCB Series Marine Sewage Treatment Plant

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WCB series sewage treatment plant adopts physical and chemical method to treat ship's domestic sewage. It is suitable for 10 to 500 people in a ship or marine platform. The structure type and technical performance of this device is designed and manufactured according to GJB 2957-97 marine sewage treatment system general specification, while satisfies the requirement of IMO.resolution MEPC.159 (55).This device has features of small size,light weight and compact structure,especially suitable for small installation space room or smaller ships. and easy operation, convenient maintenance, service life is long.

WCB series sewage treatment plant is operated in a fully automatic control way and set up with alarm device. When the sewage load in the tank is to show at high water level, the alarm device will have a alarm signal. This device is passive contact and can provide remote alarm signal. The water discharging for this device meets the IMO standard.

Technical Data:

-10B -15B -20B -25B -30B -40B -50B
suitable number 10 15 20 25 30 40 50
of people
treatment load 0.7 1.05 1.4 1.75 2.1 2.8 3.5
organic 0.35 0.53 0.7 0.88 1.05 1.4 1.75
discharge BOD≤25mg/l;COD≤125mg/l;TSS≤35mg/l;
COIL GROUP≤100/100ml;PH6~8.5
process model 32CGW-10-20
pump type vercital type
capacity 10
motor power 1.5
Air model CYBW-10 CYBW-20
pump type sliding vane type
capacity 10 20
(m3/h) 0.37 0.75
motor power
crushing model 0.5CWF-10 1CWF-11
pump type
capacity 5
motor power 1.1
ultra model CSUF-5060
filter type
capacity 1.1
steri- model niwon-1.5
lizer wavelength 253.7
power(kw) 0.3
capacity 1.5
back flushing 0.1-0.25mpa
water pressure
power supply AC 3ph/380V/50Hz or AC 3ph/440V/60Hz
control mode automatic/manual

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