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ST-100U 100 Persons Sewage Treatment Plant
  • ST-100U 100 Persons Sewage Treatment Plant

ST-100U 100 Persons Sewage Treatment Plant

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China ST-100U 100 Persons Sewage Treatment Plant:

ST-100U 150 Persons Sewage Treatment Plant:

This sewage treatment plant suitable for 150 persons ship and platform.

Biological treatment of Sewage Treatment Plant can meet both ship and offshore platform requirements. The aerating fans are used provide sufficient oxygen for the growth of biological and chemical bacteria and the disintegration of organisms. Nano filtration and ultraviolet sterilizer are combined to remove suspended solids and kill coli, virus and other harmful bacteria.

IMO Resolution MEPC.227(64).


1. HMI with PLC controller for automatic control process

2. Compact design, less installation area

3.Program control with macerating device, secures no clogging under fully sewage macerating

4.Vacuum collection device option

Technical Data:

Model Capacity
Hydraulic Load
Organic Load
Operation Weight
ST-20U 28 2 1.5 1825x900x2000 850 3200
ST-30U 42 3 2 1500x1250x2000 950 4400
ST-50U 70 5 3.3 2500x1500x2000 1500 6000
ST-70U 100 7 4.8 3000x1500x2000 1800 7800
ST-100U 150 11 7.2 3100x2000x2000 2500 11500
ST-140U 200 14 9.5 3800x2000x2000 2850 14000
ST-200U 300 21 14.3 4600x1900x2600 3700 20000
ST-300U 420 30 20 4500x4000x2600 7200 30000

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