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Mist Eliminator
  • Mist Eliminator

Mist Eliminator

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China Mist Eliminator:

Louver gas water separation can remove the gas flow of water droplets,airfoil blade specially designed within the device like a warning whistle,when the gas flow between the blades,when small droplets in the gas on airfoil vane by gravity flow to the bottom of the blade.

Any offshore platform or ship inlet water and salt fog corrosion is the main source of.when the salt fog is particularly serious,even fresh water fog can also cause corrosion,Increased maintenance workload,may damage the machines,equipment accessories and equipment.marine gas water separation louver ventilation system is to resist the external waves,rain,water vapor,The best choice and salt fog,can replace with wind and rain cap shutters. lsolation blinds designed for operation in a smaller pressure drop and gas water by boat,so as to ensure the air isn't too Degree restricted,machines and equipment will not be lack of air.

1.the ideal structure

2.a variety of materials
3.fully assembled
4.easy to update
5.large speed range
6.use at sea life over 10 years

specified by the ship builders and designers
airflow limitation value
user customized size
indicate the water retaining plate material´╝łaluminum alloy L,S stainless steel,galvanized steel sheet G)

mark exanple Nominal size of A=800mm B=900mm stainless steel mist water separator(with cover) Fog separator type VB -A800*B900-S

Technical Data:


The device used in small water content of natural ventilation in place,but also can be installed close the shutter on the back side of the chimney,which has small wind resistance,in addition to the advantage of strong fog.the waterproof Close the shutters,can be made into a manual,electric,pneumatic.



The device is suitable for the air inlet shutter,or cooling coil behind the fog water,has good separation effect,has the advantages of small wind resistance etc.


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1. Standard Export Packing or Seaworthy Packing, if you have special requirement, please specify when inquiry.
2. Fast Delivery, delivery time can negotiate when order.

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