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Lifting platform
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Lifting platform:
Lifting platform

1. The height of the detachable guardrail is about 1 meter, and the platform with a side surface of 5mm is bent.

2. Taiwan-funded oil cylinder, built-in explosion-proof valve hydraulic oil pipe, double-layer steel mesh rubber pipe uses 24V voltage.

3. High-pressure electrostatic spraying, automatic shot blasting, paint adhesion, 45# round steel shaft pin automatic welding.

4. High-quality hydraulic pump station adopts rain-proof distribution box.

Functional use
The lifting platform is a lifting device that transports people or objects vertically. It also refers to the equipment for vertical conveying in logistics systems such as factories and automatic warehouses. The lifting platform is often equipped with various plane conveying equipment as connecting devices for different height transportation lines. It is generally driven by hydraulic pressure, so it is called a hydraulic lifting platform. In addition to being transported as cargo of different heights, it is widely used in high-altitude installation and maintenance operations.

Technical Specification

Hoist Height
Table size
Voltage Weight
4 300 1850*1300*1200 3 380V 50HZ 750
6 300 2040*1300*1300 3 380V 50HZ 850
8 300 2040*1300*1400 3 380V 50HZ 950
10 300 2040*1300*1500 3 380V 50HZ 1400
12 300 2040*1300*1750 3 380V 50HZ 1650
4 500 1850*1300*1280 3 380V 50HZ 850
6 500 2040*1300*1280 3 380V 50HZ 950
8 500 2040*1300*1500 3 380V 50HZ 1400
10 500 2040*1300*1620 3 380V 50HZ 1650
12 500 2040*1300*1750 3 380V 50HZ 1700

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