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Lifting basket
  • Lifting basket

Lifting basket

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Lifting basket

The hanging basket is a construction machine for high-altitude construction work, which is used for curtain wall installation and exterior wall cleaning. The gondola is a new type of high-altitude work equipment that can replace traditional scaffolding, reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, and be able to be reused.

Product advantages

1. The three-phase asynchronous brake motor is used to form a smooth landing along the wire rope through the speed reduction mechanism and the rope hoist.

2. The anti-tilt safety lock can lock the wire rope within 3-8 degrees of the suspension platform to prevent the suspension from falling.

3. The upper part of the hanging basket is a hanging structure. The hanging orchid is made of carbon steel hanging basket, and the length can be lengthened and customized.

4. Adjustable hang-up machine can adapt to any combination of complex site use within the specified range.

Technical Specification

Type ZLP800 ZLP630 ZLP500
Load(Kg) 800 630 500
Lifting speed(m/min) 8-10
Motor LTD8.0 LTD6.3 LTD5.0
Security lock SL-30
Suspension weight(Kg) 350
Work platform size(mm) 2500*760*1450
Lifting part weight(Kg) 586 486 486
product structure The upper part is the suspension mechanism

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