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Launching davit for fast rescue boat
  • Launching davit for fast rescue boat

Launching davit for fast rescue boat

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Launching davit for fast rescue boat

The launching appliance is a special equipment used for launching and recovering fast rescue boat. Design and manufacture of products comply in full compliance with current and applicable rules for life saving appliance.

Options: Constant tension system as wave compensator and shock absorbing cylinder for smooth handling of the boat by user requirements.

All class certificate are available.

Capacity can be 125 kn.

Regular parameter as following;

Type SWL Hoisting speed Lowering spped Swing time List+Trim Boat type
kn m/min m/min Second Degree
FR15 15 ≥18/48 0--50 0--30 20+10 4-5.5m
FR27 27 ≥18/48 0--50 0--30 20+10 6-7.5m
FR35 35 ≥18/48 0--50 0--30 20+10 8-9m
FR125 125 ≥18/48 0--50 0--30 20+10 8-9m

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