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Intelligent hoist crane:
Intelligent hoist crane

Brief Description

With intelligent control as the core, the intelligent hoist Ai series uses the industry-leading servo motor drive system and precision planetary gear reducer to achieve high speed, precision and safety of material handling and component assembly. It provides a real choice for companies to significantly increase production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Intelligent hoist Ai series product advantages

1.Break through two-speed, stepless speed change

Our company's Ai series can only achieve the two-speed control mode of the traditional high-end lifting device, and truly realize the stepless speed control. The Ai Series intelligent hoist can run at any speed you want without exceeding the maximum operating speed.

2.Up and down in speed, accurately

The Ai series of intelligent hoists are the fastest and most accurate lifting device with an ultra-high lifting speed of 60m/min and an unparalleled ultra-high precision of 5mm/s, which are unmatched by traditional high-end lifting devices.

3.Balance mode, up and down freely

The Ai series of intelligent hoists are equipped with a “force balance mode” in which the operator only needs a small force to allow the load to run up and down with both hands.

4. Photoelectric induction to prevent accidental touch

The Ai series intelligent hoist is equipped with photoelectric sensing device, which can automatically recognize the normal operation of the human hand. When the operator accidentally touches the operating device, the intelligent hoist remains unchanged from the original state, effectively preventing misoperation and avoiding accidents.

5. Refuse to overload, safe and no rebound

The Ai Smart Lift can automatically stop when overloaded. The intelligent hoist has a weight sensing function that stops the hoist when the load exceeds the specified value. The Ai intelligent hoist has anti-bounce function. When the load weight suddenly changes, the device will not rebound or shift, reducing the occurrence of serious accidents.

6. Power off protection, let you worry free

The Ai-type intelligent hoist is equipped with an electromagnetic brake. When the equipment is accidentally powered off, the load will be held in place by the momentary brake. Provides security for the operator.

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