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IMPA 232486 Marine Deck Stainless Steel Scupper Plugs
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IMPA 232486 Marine Deck Stainless Steel Scupper Plugs:

After rotating the handle, the rubber part immediately compresses and expands. Adjustable size, a twist immediately lock firm, convenient and practical, fine workmanship, high quality material manufacturing, good sealing performance, copper parts, anti-rust anti-corrosion! Very firm and strong!

Wide range of application: all kinds of drainage holes, sewer pipe mouth, drainage plugging, plugging pipe hole, pipe mouth, mouth, pool drain, water leakage plugging, industrial plugging, household sewer back odor back water overflow water plugging, ship deck drain mouth, Marine deck drain hole bolt water plugging plug.

Data sheet:

IMPA232481 Scupper Plugs Small End:45MM Big End:65MM
IMPA232482 Scupper Plugs Small End:52MM Big End:75MM
IMPA232483 Scupper Plugs Small End:65MM Big End:85MM
IMPA232484 Scupper Plugs Small End:85MM Big End:110MM
IMPA232485 Scupper Plugs Small End:90MM Big End:115MM
IMPA232486 Scupper Plugs Small End:110MM Big End:135MM
IMPA232487 Scupper Plugs Small End:135MM Big End:160MM
IMPA232488 Scupper Plugs Small End:165MM Big End:200MM

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