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High Velocity Pressure Vacuum Valve with Double Safety
PV Valves
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High Velocity Pressure Vacuum Valve with Double Safety:
China High Velocity Pressure Vacuum Valve with Double Safety:

As the rules of IMO and IBC, each cargo oil tank should be installed with 2sets of ventilation devices or one set of ventilation device and one liquid pressure sensor, to make sure the tank will not decompress or overpressure while one of them does not work. Therefore, another PV valve with small size can be used as the accessory to combine with the main valve. The set pressure is the normal working pressure of main valve, the accessory valve with the safety pressure. The ventilation system can prevent the overpressure or decompression of the cargo oil tank, but also can be considered as the assist device of increasing the loading speed.

Technical Specification:

1. Design Standard: ISO 15364-2007, MSC/circ. 677, GB/T19699-2012, MSC.1/circ. 1324, MSC/circ. 1009

2. Flange Standard: GB2506, JIS B2220, ANSI, DIN

3. Design Pressure:

Opening Pressure of Pressure valve: 14Kpa for Oil cargo tank, 20Kpa fo chemical cargo tank.

Opening pressure of Vacuum Valve: -3.5Kpa.

4. Material: SUS304, SUS316L, Cast Steel


CCS, BV, ABS Type Approval Certificate and Product Certificate, NK product certificate

Technical Parameters:

Type Desinged Opening Pressure(Kpa) Rated Working Pressure (Kpa) Hydraulic Test Press (Mpa) Velocity (m/s) Rated Flow Rate(m3/h)
Pressure Valve Vacuum Valve Pressure Valve Vacuum Valve Pressure Valve Vacuum Valve
DF50 14~20 -3.5 21 -7 0.345 ≥30 300 300
DF65 400 400
DF80 600 500
DF100 800 600
DF125 1000 800
DF150 2500 2200
DF200 3000 3000
DF250 3500 3000

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