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Gantry crane
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Gantry crane:
Gantry crane

1. Mobile gantry crane can be used with a variety of motors, miniature electric hoists, electric chain hoists, wire rope electric hoists, chain hoists.

2. Shelf reinforcement welding, advanced and reliable welding technology, the welding points are smooth and smooth.

3. The beam is made of high-quality I-beam, which is flexible to install and disassemble, and the bottom universal wheel is flexible.

Functional use
The product is widely used in mold manufacturing enterprises, mines, auto repair factories, construction site lifting, logistics and transportation, mechanical processing and manufacturing, enterprise warehouses and other important lifting occasions.
Technical Specification

Epuipment Width(mm) Height
Lift Height
Height Range(mm)
Configuration and
Size Description
W1 W2 W3 H H1 H2
0.5 4000 3800 1500 4000 3300 Non adjustable The manual gantry is equipped with unniversal wheels with brake devices;Electric operation is optional;According to the actual demand,the eight,the width can customized.
1 4000 3760 1500 4000 3200 Non adjustable
2 4000 3700 1500 4000 3050 Non adjustable
3 4000 3700 1500 4000 2900 Non adjustable
5 4000 3640 1500 4000 2700 Non adjustable

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