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Deck Mounted Azimuth Thruster
Azimuth Thruster
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Deck Mounted Azimuth Thruster:

Product description:

(1).Deck installation is a complete propulsion package. It is a reliable and compact propulsion plant, the chassis carries the totally enclosed propulsion system. The power of the diesel engine is transmitted to the rudder propeller through an elastic coupling, a hydraulic clutch and a universal shaft. The chassis is constructed with a hydraulic system, an electric control box, daily fuel tank and so on system units. Installation is fast and simple because they are essentially self-contained. Only to connect the minimum hoses and cables can make it available to obtain thrust. The desk installation unit merely has to be mounted and bolted onto a foundation of deck. Azimuth thruster is mounted at the rear chassis.

(2).The azimuth thruster can be mechanically or hydraulically raised or lowered in vertical direction by means of a depth adjustment facility. This serves to ensure maximum propeller thrust at all vessel draughts by maintaining the correct propeller thrust at all vessel draughts by maintaining the correct propeller immersion.

(3).For maintenance purposes, the azimuth thruster can be pivoted out of the water to the rear hydraulically or mechanically by hand.

Main technical parameters

Model Power Rating Speed Rating Dia of propeller Clutch complete Matching
(HP) (r/min) (mm) Diesel Engine
RFDRP120 120 2200 860 HCL100F 6BT5.9-M120
RFDRP300 300 1800 1080 HCL250F NT855-M300/WD615.64C
RFDRP600 600 1800 1300 HCL320F KTA19-M600/8 M26.2
RFDRP900 900 1800 1680 HCL800F KTA38-M900/12 M26.2
RFDRP1200 1200 1800 1870 HCL1000F KTA38-M1200/12 M26.2

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