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CZH 10A/16A Marine Brass Sockets
Electric Connectors
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CZH 10A/16A Marine Brass Sockets:
Products feature and Products certification

1. Products protection class: IP56.

2.Cable outside diameter is Φ12mm.

3. Products approved by CE (European Conformity) and CCS (China Classification Society).

Adopt Standard



CZH 10A/16A Marine Brass Sockets Specification

Voltage(V) 24 125 250 500
Code 1141
General Cable Type CZH101-1 CZH101-2 CZH101-3 CZH101-4 CZH101-5
Shield Cable Type CZH111-1 CZH111-2 CZH111-3 CZH111-4 CZH111-5
Weight(Kg) 1.1 1.2 1.3
Code 1141/R
General Cable Type CZH109-1 CZH109-2 CZH109-3 CZH109-4 CZH109-5
Shield Cable Type CZH119-1 CZH119-2 CZH119-3 CZH119-4 CZH119-5
Weight(Kg) 1.1 1.2 1.3
Code 1141/D
General Cable Type CZH201-1 CZH201-2 CZH201-3 CZH201-4 CZH201-5
Shield Cable Type CZH211-1 CZH211-2 CZH211-3 CZH211-4 CZH211-5
Weight(Kg) 1.1 1.2 1.3
Code 1141/2
General Cable Type CZH202-1 CZH202-2 CZH202-3 CZH202-4 CZH202-5
Shield Cable Type CZH212-1 CZH212-2 CZH212-3 CZH212-4 CZH212-5
Weight(Kg) 1.1 1.2 1.3
Code 1141/2/R
General Cable Type CZH209-1 CZH209-2 CZH209-3 CZH209-4 CZH209-5
Shield Cable Type CZH219-1 CZH219-2 CZH219-3 CZH219-4 CZH219-5
Weight(Kg) 1.1 1.2 1.3

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