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75 KW Bow Thruster
Bow Thruster
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75 KW Bow Thruster:
1. 75 KW Bow Thruster Main Function

The main function of this device is to make the power and torque of the motor through the coupling and a pair of speed reducing circular arc bevel gears to the fixed propeller, control the rotation speed and direction of the variable-frequency motor through variable frequency speed regulation, and then make the propeller generate the thrust force towards the port side or the starboard. No matter the degree of thrust force can be adjusted or not, it can raise the mobility and maneuverability at ship navigation.

This device applies to the unrestricted navigation area, the bow thruster cylinder. The grid should be set at the entrance.

2. Composition of equipment

(1)A lateral thrust unit, including the gear box part and standard catheters,propeller, propeller shaft, bevel gear, meshing.

(2)A gravity oil tank

(3)A set of electric control device (Control point is three)

(4)A variable frequency speed regulator

(5)A set of drive motor

(6)Corrosion-resistant Zinc pieces

(7)A set of couplings

(8)A The bridge control panel

3. Interface

(1)Power supply: three phases AC 380 V±10%, 50 HZ±5%

Power supply: AC 220 V±10%, 50 HZ±5% 200 W,DC 24 V±10%,100 W (Applied in alarming unit)

Shipyard shall provide AC three-phase 380 V and AC 220 V and DC 24 V power supply.

(2)Cylinder: the axial reinforced rib and the ring-shaped reinforced rib are set on the cylinder

Standard length of cylinder: 700 mm.

(3)Gravity oil tank: the pipe and the hydraulic oil of the gear box are supplied by the shipyard.

(4)The gear lubricant is the gear lubricant of moderate ultimate pressure N 100, approximately 40 L.

4.Main technical parameters:

Model of thrust device CTT060L-FP
Rated power 75 KW
Nominal thrust force about 12 KN
Reduction ratio of gear box 1.52
Diameter of propeller Φ650 mm
Rotation speed of propeller 950 r/min
Quantity of blades 4
Blade material Cu1
Internal diameter of cylinder Φ670 mm
Wall thickness of cylinder 12 mm

5.Supply scope
Name Quantity Weight(about kg) Remark
bow thruster 1 700 With gear box subassembly, propeller subassembly, standard barrel etc.
Shaft coupling 1
Gravity tank 1 10
Marine vibrate frequency motor 1
Variable frequency speed regulator ark 1
Operation and alarm panel 1 1
6.Warranty period and Technical service:

(1). The debugging acceptance bow thruster should be oil seal packed by the supplier before leave factory, and the supplier should ensure the oil seal and package warranty period should be 6 months after the product leave factory.

(2). The supplier should ensure the performance, designing, manufacturing and material stated in this specification correct and has good quality, and should repair and exchange the rejected parts for free if the parts impact the performance and usage caused by the deficient manufacturing and bad material within 12 months after delivery vessel.(will be subject to first come)

(3). After installed by the shipyard, the manufacturer should appoint personal to debug with the shipyard on ship.

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