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Marine Hot Well Atmosphere Condenser
  • Marine Hot Well Atmosphere Condenser
  • Marine Hot Well Atmosphere Condenser
  • Marine Hot Well Atmosphere Condenser

Marine Hot Well Atmosphere Condenser

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The main purpose of marine atmospheric condenser is to condense a large amount of steam produced by evaporation process, and separate the non condensable gas to reduce the volume load of vacuum pump. It is the necessary accessory in the vacuum concentrating system, and the purpose of the vacuum system is to reduce the pressure in the evaporation equipment and the boiling temperature of the material so that it can be concentrated at low temperature.

The atmospheric condenser uses cooling water to carry out condensation directly with the two steam, and the cooling water is removed by using the pressure vacuum. In order to facilitate drainage and balance the pressure of the vacuum in the condenser and the atmospheric pressure difference, the condenser needs to be erected at a certain height, usually 10.5-12m. The non condensable gas is drawn from the top of the condenser using a vacuum pump. Because of the counter flow method, the final temperature of the two steam and water is only 1 to 3 degrees centigrade, and the consumption of circulating cooling water is relatively small.

Technical Data:

No. Type Cooled Area
Outline Dimension
1 ZHWU-0.3/2.0 1 1350×600×1050
2 ZHWU-0.5/3.0 2 1600×700×1250
3 ZHWU-0.75/5.0 3 1600×1000×1250
4 ZHWU-1.0/5.0 5 1700×1300×1450
5 ZHWU-1.0/8.0 8 1750×1300×1450
6 ZHWU-1.2/6.0 6 1800×1500×1650
7 ZHWU-1.2/8.0 8 1950×1500×1650
8 ZHWU-1.5/8.0 8 1950×1500×1950
9 ZHWU-1.5/10 10 1900×1500×1950
10 ZHWU-2.0/12 12 2000×1600×1950
11 ZHWU-2.0/15 15 2500×1600×1950
12 ZHWU-2.5/18 18 2500×1800×1950
13 ZHWU-2.5/20 20 2500×1800×1950


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